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In 2018, the idea for miwhip comes to fruition as the team gets organized.


2015 Amazon Echo

With the consumerisation of tech in full swing, Web 3.0 becomes an affordable reality.


2010 iPad, eReaders

Apple launches the iPad and signs a deal with 6 major publishers.


2007 iPhone

Apple launch the iPhone, marking a prelude to a major comeback for the tech giant


2000 dotcom bubble crash

The much-hyped dotcom era, marked by, comes to an end.


1999 WiFi

Wireless fidelity communications are launched.


1998 Google

2 PhD students form Google and by the end of the year, have 60 million pages indexed on Google Search.


1997 Broadband

BT opens up its infrastructure, and ADSL and broadband become more easily available


1993 Email

Electronic mail becomes accessible and is adopted as a viable means of communications.


1992 Browser

The NCSA release the Mosaic browser, which catalyzes production and consumption of hypertext. The browser is ported and copied and spawns Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.


1989 World Wide Web

Sir Tim Berners Lee invents the interconnected world wide web (network).


1985 Microsoft Windows

Bill Gates and Microsoft release the world’s most known and used operating system, Windows, which quickly dominates the business computing landscape.


1983 GPS Availability

Originally the Navstar GPS, the Global Positioning System becomes accessible to commercial airlines.


1981 Portable Computer

The first portable computer goes on sale.


1936 Computer

Z1, the worlds first mechanical calculator is completed.


1967 Handheld video camera

Sony release the Portapak, the first truly mobile video recording device.


1886 Motor car



1878 Typewriter

The typewriter is invented – a mechanical device for imprinting letters onto paper medium.


1870 Telephone

Practical transmission of human voice becomes a reality.


1837 Telegraph

Commercial telegraphy is installed for locomotive railways.